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A Look Inside my Internship on the Enterprise Data Science Team

October 18, 2017 | Express Scripts

When it comes to job searching, job descriptions don’t always paint a complete picture of what a role entails or a specific department does. And internship job descriptions are no different. That’s why we took the time to catch up with some of our summer interns across the organization to give job seekers a better idea of what it’s like to work here. Recently we sat down with Wendy, a data scientist intern on the Enterprise Data Science team under Clinical Research and New Solutions, to find out more about her role.

Here’s what Wendy had to say:

What university do you attend?

I am currently pursuing my doctoral degree in chemistry at St. Louis University (SLU). I chose to attend SLU because of the advanced programs they offer. Currently, they are expanding to add more faculty, staff and facilities – especially in their science department. Right now I am focused on graduating in May, 2018 and continuing my journey as a data scientist.

Why did you choose to go into the chemistry field if your ultimate goal is to become a data scientist?

After doing some research, I realized that data scientists must have a diverse background in order to be successful. I decided to take an extra class on statistics. With this knowledge, I have improved my skills and can apply them to the business field. Predicting the future is a big part of a data scientist’s job and is quickly becoming the next big thing. I wanted to go into this field because it’s promising and data-driven research interests me.

Why did you choose to intern at Express Scripts?

In the data scientist world, healthcare is a topic that comes up frequently. In the fall, I visited the Express Scripts booth at SLU’s career fair, which gave me the opportunity to speak with employees. I was very excited about the opportunity to combine my passion for pharmaceuticals and chemistry.

What role do you play on your team?

I am an intern on the Enterprise Data Science team. A big part of my job is using cutting edge methods and software to help my team develop data acquisition pipelines and predictive models. My department works to use statistical methods and innovative technologies to solve business problems.

What opportunities have you enjoyed as an Express Scripts intern so far?

I love all of the learning opportunities we are given. I especially enjoy hearing from company leaders about their professional experiences during the Executive Speaker Series. Additionally, I love the opportunity I’m given to apply the concepts I’ve learned in school to my job. Although challenging, I enjoy using my skills to solve real-world problems in the industry. Express Scripts is a very advanced company and I’ve been learning more advanced aspects of predictive model building than I previously learned in school. However, SLU has well prepared me for the programming part of my job. The basic concepts and ideas I’ve learned are universal when applied elsewhere.

Want to find out what opportunities an internship with Express Scripts can offer you? Check out our career site for more information.  

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