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Advancing Diversity in the Workplace: 3 Takeaways with Carlton A.

November 29, 2018 | Express Scripts

Carlton Adams is the vice president of Pharma Revenue and Invoicing at Express Scripts. Involved with the community through several nonprofits, he is a fitness enthusiast, a proud father and husband, and has recently rekindled his “love affair” with the bass guitar after a long hiatus.

My career has led me to some incredible opportunities at some of the best brands in the country: Caterpillar, Peabody Energy, MasterCard, and now Express Scripts.

Here, I manage all aspects of our pharma invoicing program which includes strategic planning, operations, and auditing. As a skilled leader, I work closely with associates to improve engagement and optimize performance.

But no matter which company I’m at, one important item remains at the top of my list, near and dear to my heart: equality in the workplace.

What is your opinion of Express Scripts’ focus on Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)?

The culture at Express Scripts is fast-paced, results-oriented, collaborative, and collegial. Given that mindset, we are more than fortunate to have a D&I team that I’m continually impressed with. Their articulate commitment to building an inclusive culture values people and their authenticity. This is a destination, of course, and there are many signposts of success already. One great example is our Employee Resource Group (ERG) network.

Our culture is so moving: every time we value someone that brings their authentic self to work, it’s an inspiration, and the D&I team has helped develop that for our company.

What initiatives/events that the D&I team have implemented have you been involved with?

I’ve been honored to be involved with Experience Diversity Summit (a day of enlightening speakers, music, thought leadership and networking), Check Your Blind Spots (a mobile museum whose goal is to identify diversity-related “blind spots”), Cultural Connections Power Brunch (an opportunity to network with one another and celebrate the different cultures that make up our ERGs, recruit at the Consortium Orientation Program, and ERG meetings as well as their Development Dash (an event geared towards career development).

How do you work to advance D&I in your department/team?

Honestly? I feel I need to do more. We’ve been good about getting the best candidates to fill vacancies and we do see diversity in those hires.

I’m also having an all hands meeting to discuss the value of ERGs, as I believe our leaders have the message, but I want to make sure we continue to live the values.

One piece of advice I would give future leaders trying to advance diversity in their company is this: You already know it’s the “right thing to do”, so reject fear and do the right thing! If you don’t have any ideas, use your network and the D&I team. No excuses. It’s 2018. I have learnings I have passed along to my own children about diversity: Value your humanity over your ego, pedigree, or other transient measures. That’s always the best comparator.

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3 thoughts on “Advancing Diversity in the Workplace: 3 Takeaways with Carlton A.

  1. Sue Endres

    This was such a moving testimony to the transparency of the culture at Express. It sounds like a very rich work environment.

  2. Sheena L. Moore, MBA, CPC

    I loved this article. It sounds like Express Scripts really has a Gem on their team as it pertsins to D&I. I’d absolutely love to have a conversation with Mr. Carlton A.; he seems to have such great ideas and pearls of wisdom to share with individuals who are working to improve their cultural environment in the workplace! Way to go ESI and Mr. Carlton A.!

  3. Kathryn

    Thank you this gives hope of someday finding an employer who understands that diversity strengthens. I wish there was a company that preferred hiring disabled individuals and good see their difference as a strength.


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