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An Intern’s Perspective: 3 Takeaways from a Discussion with the CEO

July 27, 2017 | Express Scripts

Josh is an intern on the Quality Assurance Mobile Development team at Express Scripts.

While I’ve only interned at Express Scripts for about two months, I’ve noticed there’s no shortage of information to absorb. From meetings and conferences, to our speaker series, I’m trying my best to take it all in. So when I heard that Tim Wentworth, the CEO of Express Scripts, was hosting a discussion during the Intern Executive Speaker Series, I knew I had to attend. In fact, I brought an extra pen just to make sure I didn’t miss anything he said.

When the CEO of the company speaks, you expect there to be a formal vibe in the room, but with Tim, that wasn’t the case. It was relaxed and open. It was more of a conversation than a presentation. This was different, but in a good way. It was true to who Tim Wentworth is and the message he was sharing.

Tim shared how he got to his current position as CEO – touching on his professional as well as his personal life. While he gave lots of advice for career success, a few ideas stuck with me:

Don’t only go TO the goal line, go THROUGH it.

Tim showed us a video from Super Bowl XXVII – Bills vs. Cowboys. You may have seen the clip: Leon Lett recovers a fumble, is rumbling to the end zone to further pad an already insurmountable lead, and then, out of nowhere, here comes Don Beebe from behind to knock the football out of Lett’s hands.

Tim’s takeaway was that most people miss the bigger lesson from the clip; most believe Lett’s celebrating too early led to the fumble. However, Tim’s point is that we shouldn’t run TO the goal line, but THROUGH it. Beebe could have given up and allowed Lett to score, but – despite knowing his chances were slim – he instead gave it his all to prevent another touchdown. Tim stressed that we should mirror this approach when it comes to our own goal setting. Always be ready to outhustle and outwork, no matter how the situation appears to be in the moment.

Treat the waiter or waitress better than the CEO.

I’ve always had great respect for people who can show true humility, and in one sentence, Tim showed his true colors. He lives by a simple idea: “Treat the waiter or waitress better than the CEO.” Everyone matters and respecting one another is an important life lesson to remember, no matter “how high on the totem pole” we are. He told us to always honor those in front of you, which is something I had always believed in. It’s nice to know the CEO of a Fortune 22 company believes that as well.

Choose the right ‘Cs’ in business.

Tim told us that in business, there are 4 main Cs: Cash, Content, Career Path and Culture. Many people don’t choose the right Cs – Career Path and Culture – and instead choose to focus on Cash and Content too soon. He said that, “where could this job lead me?” and “what is the culture of this company?” are two of the most important questions we should ask ourselves when choosing to accept a job. The work you’re doing and how much you’re paid to do it should be afterthoughts.

In closing, Tim challenged us to set goals for ourselves and aim to reach past them during our time here. He stressed that Express Scripts was created to help people and be a place where everyone is always ready to assist our patients or clients when they need it. It’s that philosophy and culture that matters most.

For anyone interested in an internship at Express Scripts, let me stress one thing. Here, you’ll be challenged to be a thought leader, and given the chance to solve real challenges in healthcare. Take in all the information you can and seize the opportunities during your time here, because, trust me, it’ll fly by.

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One thought on “An Intern’s Perspective: 3 Takeaways from a Discussion with the CEO

  1. Thank you!

    I do not work for Express Script but after reading this Intern’s Perspective, I want to work with this amazing company. So many CEO are always looking for the botton line of making money and forget the core of what got them there in the beginning.

    I appreciate the time Josh took in writing this blog, it has given me hope that I can make a difference at my work regardless of the leader who does not care about his customers or his employees.


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