Finding Opportunity Outside of Your Comfort Zone

April 3, 2017 | Express Scripts

Katie is an HR Business Partner supporting the Sales and Account Management client group.

Have you ever felt the inkling to try something new at work, but don’t because you’re scared you’re not experienced enough or are worried about failing? Yeah, me too. However, about a year ago I decided to take a leap of faith and try out an entirely new role and you know what I found? Sometimes growing your career means stepping out of your comfort zone.

I started my career at Express Scripts in December 2010 as a recruiter. My passion for people ignited my drive to grow in the Talent space. As years passed, I found myself transitioning from an individual contributor into a leadership role; ultimately ending up in a senior manager position within Talent Acquisition. As my leadership career continued to grow, I was learning every day, but I felt a pull to try something new.

Taking the First Step

When I was approached about taking an HR Business Partner (HRBP) role, I was a bit uncertain. The role was not only new to our company, but completely new to me as well. After many conversations with trusted leaders, I began to get excited about pursuing the position and bringing my previous experiences to the new team and the business groups I would support. I knew I would miss leading a team and, although the HRBP role warranted leadership skills, I continued to question how smoothly my skills would transfer over.

I also wondered how the move would be perceived by my peers – ‘Will it be seen as a step down?’, ‘As a step up?’, ‘Will I look as if I wasn’t a good fit anymore?’… These questions and more played a feedback loop in my mind. But then I took a step back and realized that my career journey was just that – mine. I became fueled by the opportunity to learn in this new space and realized this was a development opportunity I was ready and willing to take.

The Right Fit

Upon accepting the position, I was aligned to support the Sales and Account Management (SAM) client group, which was growing tremendously. Therefore, there was a high focus on the full talent spectrum; from attracting and developing talent, to succession planning and building our talent bench. My experience in talent acquisition lent itself well to these discussions. I found myself bringing thought leadership to the table and in return receiving great feedback from the business groups I supported.

To say I have learned a lot in my new role wouldn’t do the experience justice. I can’t stress enough the importance of putting an investment in your own personal development – and that’s not possible without open dialogue with leadership and the confidence to make a move. There is value in seizing the opportunities that make you feel uncomfortable and reaping the rewards of doing so successfully in the end. My message to you is, take the chance to step out of your comfort zone and own your development – had I not, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Ready to take your leap of faith? Visit our career site for a full list of our open positions.

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7 thoughts on “Finding Opportunity Outside of Your Comfort Zone

  1. Chris Reed

    Anyone who has worked with Katie knows how great she is. She’s a true partner to her clients and colleagues.

  2. Robert Wagner

    Thank you for sharing, it is great to see a development story that encourages and challenges employees to think and try something new and different.

  3. Sharifah Williams

    Katie’s success is no surprise to me! She recruited me back in 2011 and was always supportive of me and my career. Continued success!

  4. Christina Soule

    Such an inspiring story! Thank you, it shows how a new position can help you and your coworkers discover different ‘facets’ of your talents!

  5. debra wallace

    Debra Wallace 10/23/17 When I read this article it just simply gave me life. It was so positive and it makes you to want to rise up and step out of the box.Thank you so much. I want to get into the field of working inbound, with health care, I feel I can do it. Katie was very encouraging” Thank you Ms.Katie

  6. debra wallace

    Debra Wallace 10/23/17 When I read this article it just uplifting. It was so positive. It makes you want to have a change in your life. Thank you so much. I want to get into the field of working inbound, with health care, I feel I can do it. Katie was very encouraging” Thank you Ms.Katie


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