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From Math Teacher to Provider Strategist at Express Scripts

October 3, 2018 | Express Scripts

Antonio B. started with Express Scripts as an intern and recently transitioned into a full-time role in Provider Strategy & Consultation, working on provider strategy.

Throughout my school-aged years, teachers always had a positive impact on my life. I was born in Croatia, but my family and I came to the United States in the late 1990s and took up residence in Tennessee. I truly believe I wouldn’t have the same opportunities today without the teachers who were there for me throughout school. In fact, my microeconomics professor at the University of Tennessee – where I attended college –inspired my passion for economics and ultimately influenced my career path. He had a way of making a complex, difficult subject seem very straightforward and applicable to real life.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 2014, I wanted to have the same impact on someone’s life as my teachers had on mine. I put my degree to use teaching eighth-grade math at an underprivileged school in St. Louis with Teach for America. During my time as a teacher in a low-income community, I saw firsthand how a lack of access to healthcare can impact an individual’s opportunities. When my students were too sick to attend class and didn’t have the resources to obtain proper healthcare, they missed vital information critical to their future success.

After two years of teaching, I decided to pursue a full-time MBA at Washington University in St. Louis. The summer before I began my MBA, I attended The Consortium’s Annual Orientation Program and Career Forum, the nation’s largest diversity network that connects top-tier students with MBA programs and corporate partners. There, I had the chance to learn about Express Scripts. Given my exposure to the lack of access to healthcare, I was immediately drawn to Express Scripts’ mission of making care safer, more affordable and accessible. After Consortium, I applied to the 2017 Express Scripts Internship Program and was offered a position on the Provider Strategy & Consultation team within Supply Chain.

During my time as an intern, I was tasked with developing solutions to create additional value for our clients through retailer partnerships. I was given the freedom to think creatively and own my work, and I received a full-time offer when the internship ended. After completing my MBA in May 2018, I started in my position as a senior manager on the Provider Strategy & Consultation team.

In this role, I help develop network strategies to win and retain clients, as well as retail network process improvement initiatives, and government affairs support. The amount of work that goes on behind the scenes is incredible and my time here has been an amazing opportunity for me to learn from and add value to already meaningful work. I’ve had the chance to come up with real solutions that advance healthcare. The culture is fast-paced and highly cross-functional, so I’m able to learn about all parts of the business.

My advice to current and future Express Scripts interns would be to network. Express Scripts has a wide array of incredible people to learn from and you should take time to hear from them. Everyone has always been open to sharing their experiences with me and one-on-one coffee chats with people across the organization have been invaluable learning opportunities.

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