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How to Become a Social Media Brand Ambassador

September 4, 2013 | Chris Reed

Social Media is omnipresent. Most of us communicate regularly with our networks via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many other sites. Social Media is a great way to keep in touch with those we know as well as make new contacts. While it may initially have been just a way to connect with friends and family on topics of interest, in recent years, that has changed. Now social media is big business – and businesses, large and small, are increasing their social engagement. Most companies have a social media “brand” and pay a great deal of attention to their online presence. You can help with this by using social media to be a brand ambassador for your company.

Be LinkedIn to your Company
Take LinkedIn for instance – It is no longer just a place to post a resume and rarely revisit. It has gone far beyond being a site that candidates only use when job hunting. Most companies, like Express Scripts, have a strong brand page on LinkedIn that offers information on their products and services, a corporate overview and updates on company news and events in addition to job posts. Follow your company’s page, “like” the posts and share the updates with your network on LinkedIn and Twitter. Not only are you positively promoting your employer, but you are staying visible to those who are connected to you. This can be a very powerful engine for your personal and company brand.

Right message, Right audience
Express Scripts has both a corporate Twitter handle and a career-focused handle (@ExpressScripts and @ExpressRxJobs, respectively). Similarly, individuals can have more than one handle for different audiences. If you tweet a lot of personal information or content, it might be a good idea to have separate handles for your professional and personal networks. After all, information may not be suitable for all audiences.

The information you share on sites like Twitter or LinkedIn reflects how people perceive you and your current or future employer. Remember, many companies have social media policies in place, so you should be familiar with and follow your company’s policy. Make sure your information is accurate, up-to-date, relevant and appropriate. At Express Scripts, our employees are our strongest and best ambassadors. By following a few simple tips, you can improve your social engagement and evolve into a social media ambassador.

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