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I Am Alive Thanks to Thrive

February 16, 2018 | Express Scripts

Laurie B. is a staff pharmacist working to provide excellent care for specialty patients.

It was a fall day in September 2016 and I had finally gotten around to scheduling a preventive wellness visit with my primary care physician. Truth be told, I was doing it because of Thrive, Express Scripts’ well-being program. If I completed the visit before the end of September, I would receive $225 toward my Health Savings Account.

At the appointment, my doctor handed me a form to schedule a mammogram. I had put off getting this screening in the past, but something inside me told me it was probably time I did it.

Little did I know this defining moment would ultimately be credited toward saving my life.

The results of the mammogram were devastating. I found out there was an area of concern that was highly suggestive of malignancy and I needed to undergo a lumpectomy for further diagnosis. Ultimately, the pathologist confirmed that it was indeed malignant and triple negative, an aggressive form of breast cancer.

No one prepares you for this kind of result. After processing the news, I quickly turned to action. I underwent a second lumpectomy and had a port implanted so I could complete nearly five months of chemotherapy. After that, I had 33 rounds of radiation — which I’m happy to report are now finished. While we continue to monitor my situation carefully, I am currently cancer free.

Last month, I enrolled in a clinical trial for a drug designed to help teach my immune system to recognize cancer cells so if this aggressive form of breast cancer returns, my immune system will take charge and kill the mutated cells before they have a chance to grow.

I continue to stay positive and focus on my treatment and recovery. I feel so blessed that I work for a company that cares about their employees’ health and well-being. If I had not participated in the Thrive program and incentives it offers, I would not have caught this silent killer at such an early stage.

My advice to you is to look up the health and well-being benefits offered at your own company and begin taking advantage of them.

And, if you’re currently in the job search process, make health and well-being benefits an important search criteria. Thanks to well-being programs like Thrive, many preventive screenings are covered at no out-of-pocket cost to you, and they are designed to detect underlying concerns you might not have noticed otherwise. This allows you to act earlier and more effectively. In addition, completing well-being activities through programs like Thrive can help you earn points, getting you closer to earning rewards like $500 in your Health Reimbursement Account of or Health Savings Account.

I celebrated my 50th birthday this year. It was a special celebration for me not only because it gave me closure to a grueling year, but it also reminded me that with my health on track, I have so many things to look forward to. I truly don’t take one day for granted because every day is a chance to thrive!

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