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I’m Only One Call Away…I’ll Be There to Save your Day

February 28, 2018 | Express Scripts

Teresa H. is a patient care advocate working to research and resolve problems for both internal and external customers surrounding their benefits and medications.

When people ask me what I do for a living, they’re usually confused when I say I’m a patient care advocate (PCA). And I get it; PCA is a pretty ambiguous title. But, let me try to explain it to you.

Finding My Fit

After starting with Express Scripts back in 2011, I spent the first five and a half years working in the Memphis call center assisting members with questions about their medications and benefits. I learned a lot during that time, and in April 2016, had the opportunity to take on more of a research role supporting the call center. I would best describe this position as a liaison for the company and my peers. When a member request is flagged as unresolved, I review the call, confirm where the breakdown took place, and then research how we can resolve the situation. I’m a very analytical person and I find the process fascinating.

In my experience, most breakdowns occur because of a misunderstanding. Healthcare is an incredibly complex industry, which makes it difficult to navigate and understand. That’s why I believe communication is the key to getting all parties on the same page. I make it my mission to look at every unresolved member situation as if it’s personally happening to me so I can best explain to patients how we can resolve their problem.

Keeping My Skills Sharp

Though I’m no longer on the phones on a daily basis, I occasionally take calls when I have the opportunity to keep my skills sharp. I’m always available to jump on a call with one of my peers when they have a question or need help fulfilling a customer request. To stay up to date on healthcare trends, I read everything I see about the industry and Medicare. At my location, I sit with the call center team so I stay educated on different processes. And, above all else, I continually ask questions.

I’m very proud of the eight years I’ve spent at Express Scripts. I initially looked into joining the company because my younger sister worked here, and I’ve continued to stay because I believe healthcare is an industry that is forever. In fact, my sister and I have both stayed together – she’s nearing her eleventh year at Express Scripts. Leaders demonstrate every day that we are employees and not just numbers without a voice. My role allows me the flexibility to have nights and weekends off to be home with my family, which is different from the previous customer service roles I’ve held.  I strive every day to do my best and help others realize their potential. I believe in making the world a better place and I believe my role allows me to do just that.

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One thought on “I’m Only One Call Away…I’ll Be There to Save your Day

  1. Paula Burns

    Way to go Teresa! I am a people leader for PCA in St Louis for DOD. Thank you for showing a career path for PCAs. I also believe healthcare is a life long career! Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm!


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