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Intern to Preceptor in Five Years

August 19, 2013 | Harold Carter

It’s hard to believe, but five years ago, I was a pharmacy student applying for an internship at Express Scripts. Today, I’m a Senior Clinical Consultant and the preceptor for the newest crop of pharmacist externs to come through the doors at the company headquarters in St. Louis.

After my internships, I kept in touch with contacts I made within the company, checking periodically for any open full-time positions after graduation.

A few years later, I interviewed for a position as a clinical product manager. My interview must have gone well because I was called back for a second interview. I got the offer later that day. I was elated!

The reason I was so excited about the opportunity was because I could see the difference in talent development between Express Scripts and other pharmacy practice settings.

At Express Scripts, the opportunities for pharmacists are endless. Your day could entail talking to patients, filling prescriptions, working with clients, developing solutions to new problems…the list goes on.

Working here gives you a chance to think outside of the box when solving complex problems. I also like how the company helps its employees develop as professionals, allowing you to become a better employee and a better person, really.

It was slightly surreal when I entered my current position as a senior clinical consultant, because, almost simultaneously, I became a preceptor for Express Scripts’ newest pharmacist externs.  Five years after I first walked through the door, I’m overseeing students in the same position I first occupied.

This new development was exciting, but to be honest, I was a little nervous when my first students arrived on June 21. The reason for my nerves was the same one that drives me to succeed as a preceptor today: I want to give the incoming students my best and show them what our company has to offer.

-Guest Blogger Harold Carter is a Senior Clinical Consultantat Express Scripts, with expertise in Specialty Utilization Management. A full time employee for two years, Harold enjoys running, spending time with family and watching football.

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