Man with a Plan: From Working in the Call Center to Running It

February 28, 2017 | Express Scripts

Rich W., site director of our Patient Care Center in St Marys, Georgia, is a prime example of how to move up the career ladder. Over the years, he worked his way up from an entry-level call center position to a director-level leadership position. Now, he hopes his story will encourage others to strive for the same success he’s had.

Thirteen years ago, Rich joined Medco (which was later acquired by Express Scripts, in 2012) as a patient care advocate in the call center, and he came in with a plan. “I based it on showcasing my talent,” he said. “Every two years, I wanted to be promoted, with the ultimate goal of becoming an executive vice president in the company.”

The first thing Rich did was meet with his supervisor to discuss this plan and start learning the complexities of both the company and the industry. “I read about our competition and where we fit in the market,” he said. “Understanding market realities helped me think at a larger scale and be more strategic in my thinking. I knew I needed to assess the business at all levels. I immersed myself in the business by volunteering to help lead service initiatives in various lines of business across the organization.”

Sticking to his two-year plan, he applied for a call center supervisor role and landed the position. It wasn’t long before he was promoted to senior supervisor, and then manager.

“When I became manager, I came to a crossroads in my career and had to make a decision,” he said. “I could have moved to another department, like the Service Center or Front End Pharmacy, but I chose to stay the course in the call center so I could be an influence for change.”

Rich continued his rise through leadership and was named call center site leader in Las Vegas and site director in Dublin, OH, before assuming his current role as site director in St. Marys.

When asked what advice he has for people who want to follow in his footsteps, he shared three words that are very meaningful to him: Live and learn.

“Everyone has strengths and opportunities, but to be honest, we can’t really do anything on our own,” he said. “We need to gather and use the wisdom and experience from others to help us proceed.”

Additionally, Rich urges others to get out of their comfort zone, be receptive to feedback and be open to new opportunities. “By positioning yourself the best you can, the rest will fall into place,” he shared. “It all starts with a plan.”

Rich is a site director at Express Scripts’ Patient Care Center in St. Marys, GA.

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5 thoughts on “Man with a Plan: From Working in the Call Center to Running It

  1. Aaron

    Thank you for sharing this information. I am new to Express Scripts, and very excited to be here. Reading about the opportunities that are available to all of us is reassuring.

  2. Ben

    Had many great years working and sometimes competing with you. Glad to see the company continue to recognize your abilities.

  3. Dan mandoli

    Fantastic journey! Can’t say how proud I am to see the work you’ve done at SMG. Love the leadership!


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