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Memphis: Barbecue, Blues and Specialty Care

June 18, 2014 | Express Scripts

Memphis, Tennessee is well-known for barbecue and blues, but when it comes to specialty pharmacy, the city is known for Accredo.

Accredo provides specialty pharmacy and related services for patients with complex and chronic health conditions. More than 1,200 employees work at the headquarters in Memphis in areas ranging from Prescription Processing and Patient Access to the Contact Center and Fulfillment.

What started in the basement of a children’s hospital in Memphis has grown into a leader in the specialty pharmacy industry. While Accredo has expanded to dozens of locations with thousands of employees nationwide, its local ties to Memphis remain strong.

Employees take pride in the company’s history in Memphis and, regardless of their department, focus on patients first. “Our employees realize we’re making a difference in patients’ lives,” said Arlisa Hayes, senior supervisor, Core Specialty. “We help people celebrate another birthday. We help them spend more time with their grandkids. We help them live more active lives. And this inspires employees to make sure they resolve a patient’s issues or give the patient what they need.”

As a result, Accredo employees don’t just provide services for patients. They go to great lengths to understand the patients and their complex conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis. For example, Memphis teams take part in an MS Walk in the spring or the MS 150 bike ride each fall. They volunteer at MS Society events to support patients and better understand their struggles with the disease.

This genuine concern for the patient extends from the moment a prescription enters the system until it leaves Fulfillment, which completes approximately 27,500 orders each week. Every employee is working toward a common goal.

Whether in its hometown of Memphis or at another site across the nation, Accredo employees’ dedication to their patients is a calling card as sweet as any food or music found in The River City.

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