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New Sales: Charting a New Path Forward at Express Scripts

March 27, 2017 | Express Scripts

Bill S. is the President of Sales, working to create a word-class selling organization at Express Scripts.

When Bill Spehr first took a meeting with Express Scripts in August 2016, you could say he was a bit skeptical. With 30 years of sales and marketing experience within the healthcare sector, he isn’t easily sold. However, as the role was described to him, Bill couldn’t help but be tempted to learn a little more.

“I was first drawn to the quality of the leadership team and the direction the company and department were headed. Improving the healthcare delivery system is a big motivator for me so knowing that Express Scripts has the best platform to enable positive change made the move easy,” Bill shared. After learning more about the sales function at Express Scripts, Bill officially accepted the position of president of Sales in December of last year.

Now that he has been in his position a little over 90 days, Bill has his own vision for his role and the department. “The company’s commitment to new business growth came with a realization that we needed a fully dedicated team,” shared Bill. Essentially, various areas of sales focus – like Health Plan, Government, and Employer – are now together under one roof.  “This allows us to work more efficiently and focus more of our attention on selling or, more specifically, on making it easier for prospective customers to buy.”

Bill’s goal over the next few years is to build upon the recent transformation and create a world-class, data-driven selling organization that allows the company to sustain growth. “Making prescription drugs more affordable and accessible is top of mind for the largest payers in the U.S., so it’s an extremely exciting spot to be in, but it’s not for everybody. To be truly successful here you need to understand customers better than they understand themselves, be unafraid to challenge the status quo, and focus intensely on  how our value proposition improves customer business results,” shared Bill.  Recent data shows that customers are overwhelmed by the amount of data and the number of decision makers involved in complex purchases. Buying PBM services is no different.  It’s our job to help customers through this process so that acquiring our services is easy.

When asked for advice he would give anyone currently working in sales – or thinking about sales in the future – he shared, “Know your customer and always bring value to every meeting, call or interaction. And if you’re completely new to sales, find a mentor.”

Express Scripts will be investing substantially in the new sales sector of the organization in upcoming years. “Right now, we’re looking for experienced sales people from all different industries and backgrounds – not just from the PBM space – with the ultimate goal of bringing different thinking and diversity to the team,” Bill commented, “It’s what our customers expect.”

To learn more about Bill, visit his LinkedIn profile.

Think you have what it takes to work in sales? Visit our career site for a list of all open positions.

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2 thoughts on “New Sales: Charting a New Path Forward at Express Scripts

  1. Pranay Agarwal

    Thanks for the great article! Knowing customer value and the ability to deliver in simplest & easiest way is the most effective way in earning a healthy customer relationship. With millennial consumers on rise, I think technology could be best leveraged to effectively tap on this growing market segment.

  2. Maria Robles

    I had the opportunity to work years ago with Bill S and this article describes him perfectly. He is a mentor and a great leader. I learned from him not be afraid of challenges and always be the solution to the client’s need.


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