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Spring 2015
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Express Scripts Expands Access to Hep C Cure
By taking a leadership position, Express Scripts has helped expand access to a hepatitis C cure for the 3 million Americans who suffer from the disease.
In December, Express Scripts launched our Hepatitis Cure Value Program that achieved two important goals – drive down the cost of expensive cures and allow all patients to be treated, not just the sickest. Aligned with the best interest of our more than 3,000 clients, Express Scripts takes bold actions that make the use of prescription drugs safer and more affordable.
Learn more about this significant milestone on the Express Scripts Lab Research website.
Specialty Striving to Serve Better
ribbon for the official Therapeutic Resource Center
Tonda Nomessi, supervisor – Eligibility, cuts the ribbon for the official Therapeutic Resource Center home opening in Indianapolis.
Our patients are at the heart of everything we do and our specialty pharmacy, Accredo, strives to serve them better. To better understand and support patients with chronic diseases, we have committed specific resources to their care and created what are known as Therapeutic Resource Centers® (TRCs).
Each of these TRCs coordinate and train employees to provide expertise and high-quality specialized care for a single disease state. The goal of every TRC employee — from advocates to pharmacists to nurses — is to be wholly knowledgeable and dedicated to treating and fighting the specific disease identified within their TRC.
We care for patients by taking the largest specialty pharmacy in the industry and making a series of smaller, specialized ones. This truly enables employees to be "all in" for patients.
Learn more about this unique model on the Express Scripts Lab Research website.
Meet the team
Meet Ryan. Ryan is a human resources consultant. More importantly he is a veteran, a family man and cancer survivor. Not only does Ryan have a loving family at home that helped him get through his difficult treatment, but he also has a group of coworkers that supported him during this journey.

Learn more about Ryan’s fight against cancer and positive outlook.
Expressing values
Coming Full Circle
Laylah G
Laylah G., beneficiary of care and support provided by the March of Dimes.
March of Dimes is one of the primary charities Express Scripts supports across the company. It’s great to see how organizations that we support help our employees and their families.
Yvette Gonsalves, supervisor, Corporate Financial Services, has always had a heart for babies. She's been a volunteer for the March of Dimes since 2010. In 2013, when her daughter was born more than two months early she learned how the March of Dimes makes a difference for families like hers.
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Giving the Greatest Gift: Time
Candes Carter, associate account manager, has been mentoring youth for more than eight years. Candes became a "Big" with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri a few years ago, and it was one of the best decisions she has ever made.
She was matched with a shy 7-year-old girl and was able to open her "Little's" mind to new opportunities outside of her environment. Being a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters led to personal growth for both of them.
The most important revelation Candes had is that time is the most precious gift you can give to anyone. Material goods do not enrich life the way that spending time with others and creating positive relationships can.
Spending quality time together has been a life-changer for her Little Sister. Simple interactions and memories have made a difference. The greatest transformation that happened through the experience is that Candes’ Little Sister’s self-esteem and confidence soared. Her Little is now a flourishing, outgoing 10-year-old, whom Candes is very proud of.
"My heart swells with pride to know that someday she will hopefully pay it forward simply because I was able to give her a precious gift — time."
Find out how you can get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters.
Spotlight on Site
Appreciation in St. Louis
Jeff Oberman,
How often do you say thank you? It could be to a stranger for holding the door, for a gift you received or recognizing team efforts. Saying thank you is a simple yet powerful tool of appreciation. In St. Louis, Jeff Oberman, senior director, Human Resources, started a special weekly tradition to show his appreciation for employees.
Check out the full story on the Careers Blog.
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