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Onboarding Interns: The Intern Summit

July 13, 2017 | Express Scripts

Alissa is an intern on the HR Communications team focusing on employment branding and candidate experience.  

The fall semester marks the beginning of college students’ search for summer internships. Like many others, I started by looking at job postings on LinkedIn. I wanted to intern for a company that made a difference and would allow me to improve my skills, as well as learn new ones. I came across an HR position at Express Scripts. At first I didn’t think much of it; I’m a marketing major with little knowledge about the HR or the healthcare field. But after reading the description I realized that my previous experiences went hand-in-hand with the job requirements. I accepted the internship hoping to finally figure out what I wanted to do post-graduation and be a part of the difference the company makes.

To kick things off, the intern program started with a three-day “Intern Summit” held at the St. Louis Headquarters campus. Express Scripts interns from all over the country came together for the joint onboarding session. Activities over the three days included campus tours, training and development sessions, executive speakers, networking events and more. Everything learned at the summit set us up to be successful for the following 12 weeks of the program.

Day One Activities

Day one started off with a tour of the Technology & Innovation Center. Upon first glance, I realized I underestimated just how technologically advanced the company was. We learned that the technology utilized saves our clients millions of dollars and that the pharmacy has a 99.99% accuracy dispensing rate. Yes, you’re reading that correctly, 99.99%!

Next stop was the Research & New Solutions Lab. Here, we had the opportunity to learn how the lab and teams develop new solutions to fit our client’s needs. I was impressed with how much collaborative effort happened between departments.

We finished the day with a social/networking event at the City Museum – my personal favorite summit activity. All of the interns, along with their managers, mentors and the talent acquisition team got to enjoy the opportunity to network and get to know one another on a personal level in a relaxed environment.

Executive Speakers

Over the course of the three-day summit, we had the opportunity to hear from various leaders, including several members of our executive team. Tim Wentworth even stopped by for a few minutes! How cool is it that the CEO took time out of his day to speak to the onboarding interns? During his chat, he encouraged us to always ask questions and be all in for our patients, clients and each other.

Every speaker did an excellent job of informing us more about the operations of the company and the importance of collaboration.

Growth & Development

If I’m being totally honest, I was a little worried that the training sessions could be boring. To my surprise, I really enjoyed them.  We had the opportunity to participate in both an Ideation Session and the Franklin Covey Training on 5 Choices.

The Ideation Session taught us how to find new ways to think innovatively both in and out of the office.  Franklin Covey training on 5 Choices focused on teaching us time management and productivity skills. It was impressive that we, as interns, had the opportunity to experience the same training as employees.

The Intern Summit furthered my excitement to work at Express Scripts during the weeks ahead. Now, I have a thorough understanding of how my work will make a difference in my department and for the company. I aspire to work here full time post-graduation to continue making a difference. I’m ready to make an impact on something bigger than myself and find new ways to grow both personally and professionally. I believe myself and the other interns will do just that this summer.

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