Why Do YOU Fist Bump?

December 5, 2014 | Express Scripts

How often do you say thank you? It could be to a stranger for holding the door, for a gift you received or recognizing team efforts. Saying thank you is a simple yet powerful tool of appreciation. Guest blogger, Jeff Oberman, Senior Director Human Resources started a weekly tradition to show his appreciation for employees. This is known as Fist-Bump Friday.

When I joined the Express Scripts team working in Human Resources, I wanted to get into the routine of visiting with employees not only in my department, but in departments I supported, such as Order Fulfillment and the Member Choice Center (MCC). My goal was to walk around and say hello to everyone each week. But let’s face it — employees are busy. They are on phone calls, heading off to meetings or working hard with their nose to the grindstone. I wanted to show my appreciation without interrupting routines. After a few different approaches, Fist-Bump Friday stuck.


Each Friday, I put on a pair of Hulk fists that I keep in my office, and make the rounds. Every person I pass gets a fist bump. It’s quick, it’s quiet and it’s something everyone can participate in. I take the fists with me wherever I go on Fridays, even when I’m traveling.

If you’ve ever fist-bumped hundreds of people in one day, you know exactly why I wear big foam hands. I endured one week of rings and knuckles before investing in the fists. In addition, when I’m wearing the fists, employees have no doubt why I’m stopping by to see them — it must be Fist-Bump Friday!

Thanks to the employees across our various teams, this weekly event has evolved into something amazing. It’s become a time when employees know they can ask a quick question or bring up an issue. For others, it’s a brief, enjoyable break or a reminder to celebrate little things. Each week a few employees reciprocate with their own Hulk hands — complete with sound effects — borrowed from their children or sometimes their husbands.

This weekly event has helped me meet a large number of employees in their environment and put faces with names. Employees work hard, and I love taking the time to step outside my work area and say thank you face to face — or in my case, fist to fist.

Thus began Fist-Bump Friday at Express Scripts. Jeff fist-bumps to show appreciation; tell us why YOU fist bump. What accomplishment, little win or positive news makes you happy this week? Use the hashtag #teamfistbumpfriday.

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Engage and Unite through Employee Resource Groups

October 20, 2014 | Express Scripts

Have you ever wanted to get involved at work, but were not sure how to start or what was available? At Express Scripts we offer employees the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues on causes they are passionate about through Employee Resources Groups (ERGs).

ERGs are a win-win; both employees and the company benefit from involvement.

These groups are voluntary, employee-led groups that serve as a resource for members and the company by fostering a workplace culture aligned with the business mission, values, and goals.

Group members benefit from networking and social support, opportunities for career development, and community service. ERGs provide benefits to the organization by helping to contribute to a diverse and inclusive work environment through recruitment, retention and development programs.

Employees at all levels are welcome to join any of these groups. Current Express Scripts ERGs include:

  • Cultural Connection is a multicultural group focused on fostering a culturally competent workforce that positively contributes to business results, helps the organization embrace change and uses cultural sensitivity to innovate.
  • UpNext offers resources and tools for employees who are focused on growing their careers. This group is dedicated to providing opportunities for personal development, community service and networking.
  • VaLOR (Veterans and Leaders Organizing Resources) is committed to advancing the awareness and inclusion of veterans and capitalizing on opportunities to assist, guide and support those who have served. Membership is not limited to veterans and extends to military spouses, parents or any employee with a desire to get involved.
  • WE LEAD Network (Women of Express Scripts Listen, Engage, Advocate and Develop) celebrates the diversity of women, creating an environment for professional and personal growth that positively impacts employees and the business. WE LEAD empowers, recognizes and connects women, helping them reach their full potential at work, at home and in the community.


UpNext and VaLOR members recently joined forces for a volunteer effort with The Mission Continues.

UpNext and VaLOR members recently joined forces for a volunteer effort with The Mission Continues.

See a group you are interested in? Take your first step to joining by finding your new career at Express Scripts. Search and apply here: careers.express-scripts.com.

Guest blogger Quincy Jones is Sr. Manager, Diversity and EEO at Express Scripts.

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Miles of Motivation for Bike MS

September 29, 2014 | Express Scripts

Here at Express Scripts, we value service. Aside from the service we provide patients every day, this can mean sponsoring an event, donating to a cause or encouraging employees to give back to the communities where we live and work. At a corporate level, one of the national charities Express Scripts supports is Bike MS.

Express Scripts employees are passionate about doing their part to keep MS research funded, which will lead to a world finally free of MS. Bike MS is a national fundraising cycling event benefiting multiple sclerosis research and treatment. Express Scripts has been an official sponsor for nine years.

The following employee’s testimonials speak to their passion for getting involved and giving back.

From the desk of Sue K.:

As an avid cyclist, I ride about 500 miles annually through various recreational and charity bike rides, but the premiere event that I most look forward to each year is Bike MS.

I first participated in the ride in 1991 for the fitness aspect and camaraderie of fellow cyclists. As I got more involved, I realized how important this event is for raising awareness about those suffering from multiple sclerosis, an awful neurological disease that typically strikes adults in the prime of their lives (ages 20-50).

Bike MS is very near and dear to my heart. I treasure the experiences and memories I’ve accumulated over the years, and I appreciate those who have sponsored me and my fellow riders to raise money for MS research and awareness.

From the desk of Stacey T.:

My involvement with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society began after my best friend since sixth grade was diagnosed with MS about 10 years ago.

This year I volunteered at a rest stop manned by Express Scripts and University of Missouri-St. Louis volunteers. I was able to show my support by giving riders a little inspiration and a lot of encouragement during their two-day journey for the Bike MS: Express Scripts Gateway Getaway Ride.

I look forward to the Bike MS event each year, not only to provide some cold water, food and motivation, but also to see so many people committed to a great cause. Every rider is raising money to support patients with MS and to fund research toward a cure. Hopefully it will happen in my lifetime.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a complex, unpredictable and often confounding disease of the central nervous system. In some patients, MS symptoms may be mild, but the disease may also be devastating, robbing a person of the ability to speak, walk and write. Progress has been made, but there’s a long way to go. Click here to find out more about how you can get involved: http://bit.ly/XcCvpM

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I Find My Reward in Nursing

September 16, 2014 | Express Scripts

I have always been touched by the caring and kindness of nurses, and that’s one of the main reasons I chose to pursue this profession.

Growing up I spent most of my youth in hospital waiting rooms as I watched two sisters suffering from the terminal illness cystic fibrosis. Even though most of the nurses were strangers to me, I’ll always remember their kindness and tenderness. It was then and there — at the age of 8 — that I knew I wanted to become a nurse. Watching what they did for patients and their families was inspirational, and that experience has stayed with me my entire life.

Through the years, advances have been made in technology and medicine. While those changes have made huge differences in patient care, it comes down to the personal interaction to make a difference in an individual’s life that makes nursing more than a vocation for me. It’s truly a calling.

I manage a team of Accredo Advanced Therapies nurses caring for terminally ill and chronically ill patients. We work as a team to achieve high-quality patient care and service. As Advanced Therapies field nurses, we visit critically ill patients at their homes to administer life-saving and life-sustaining medication for diseases such as immune disorders, pulmonary arterial hypertension and hemophilia. Supporting families during difficult times is what keeps me here and makes me proud of my profession, filling a special place in my own heart.

One such instance I carry in my heart is caring for a 5-year-old patient battling neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer. I supported and cared for the boy and his family through the last year of his life, empathizing with them but never sharing my personal experience. A few weeks after his death, the family contacted me. They had such compassion and courage as they thanked me for making a difference in their lives and easing the pain with the care I provided. This is just one reminder to me that I am fulfilling my dream of making a difference through the nursing care I provide.

I work with a great group of nurses who share my philosophy and the vision of Express Scripts — the patient comes first. The rewards are clear and they are quite simple: the smile on a patient’s face, the relief in a family member’s eyes that their loved one is in capable hands, and knowing, if even for a brief moment, that they’re not alone.

Express Scripts is proud to employ nurses that have an impact on patients. Interested in joining our outstanding team? Click here to find you career with purpose: http://ow.ly/wgft0

Guest Blogger Charlene Saberito is a Nurse Manager at Accredo, an Express Scripts company.

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Growing STEM Talent and Careers

September 3, 2014 | Express Scripts

Recently the media has been raising awareness of STEM. STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics is a hot topic in education and employment. At Express Scripts, however, we are not just jumping on the bandwagon; STEM is what our company is built on.

Express Scripts is a technology company that applies science and engineering to healthcare’s challenges. We have a culture of innovation, rooted in the practical application of behavioral sciences, clinical medicine/pharmacy, and data analytics including predictive modeling. We process 1.4 billion prescriptions annually for nearly 1 in 3 Americans. That produces 15 petabytes of data which requires incredible IT support, precision and security. Our high-volume home delivery pharmacy uses engineering, robotics, imaging/optics, etc., to ensure a 99.99% accuracy rate and eliminate nearly 2 million prescription errors from occurring each year.

As a corporate citizen, we are committed to developing a diverse workforce. We support STEM education, at all levels, as a way of developing future talent while supporting our community. Express Scripts is a member of STEMpact, a collaborative network that works to increase the number and diversity of local students who are proficient in STEM fields through educational programs for students and training for teachers. We are also a partner company in the BESt Pharmacy Summer Institute. BESt is a six-week summer program designed for high-performing multicultural students from St. Louis high schools that is focused on STEM academics, exposure to different types of careers in pharmacy and professional development.

Over the past decade, growth in STEM jobs has seen 10 times the growth than in other areas. At Express Scripts, STEM has made us successful over the past 25 years. We need a workforce that is not just fluent in STEM, but is world-class in each specific component.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in STEM, we might have an opportunity for you. Some of our STEM jobs include:

View more open positions at careers.express-scripts.com

Guest blogger James Duff is a Senior Recruiter that hires for Pharmacy Operations positions. Connect with James on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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