How to Make Your New City Home

November 4, 2013 | Hazel Cormier

You’re making the move to a new city…now what? From personal experience, my advice is to dive right into the culture. I embraced the change and the city (St. Louis in my case), and by doing so, it helped me redefine home. Here are my tips to help you live like a local in my city. 

Go where the people go – St. Louis natives take advantage of all the activities the city has to offer, and you should, too. From concerts at the Botanical Gardens, Oktoberfest, and free museum and zoo admission, St. Louis is never short on entertainment.

My favorite is the Balloon Glow in Forest Park. It is the oldest and most well-attended free hot air balloon event in the world. This was the first local event I attended and immediately, the crisp fall air, energy of the people and the ambiance of the balloons lit up at night captivated me and sparked my love for St. Louis.

Watch a game – Baseball and hockey and football, oh my! St. Louis is a passionate sports town and home to 3 professional sports teams and numerous local and minor league clubs. Local fans are dedicated to their teams and the spirit is infectious!

Explore neighborhoods – St. Louis is a city of neighborhoods with unique charm. The French-inspired neighborhood of Historic Soulard boasts the 2nd largest Mardi Gras celebration in the country. For an eclectic vibe, check out The University City Loop; an area frequented for cheap eats, live music and indie films. Craving Italian food? On The Hill, you can choose from blocks full of authentic Italian cuisine. Grab a pizza and challenge a friend to a game of bocce at Milo’s Bocce Garden.

Try the food – You may not think of St. Louis as being a food town, but I am sure you have had something that hails from our great city. Did you know that the ice cream cone, iced tea and the hot dog were all introduced at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis? Today, the city has a food scene all its own. If you aren’t from the area you might not know a lot about provel cheese, toasted ravioli, or gooey butter cake, but all these local creations are worth a try.

I consider myself an honorary foodie and I am thrilled by the food scene in St. Louis. It seems like new restaurants and concepts are opening all the time, but definitely I have my gems that I always return to.  Gerard Craft, a four-time James Beard award finalist runs four distinctly unique restaurants in the area, but his Italian restaurant, Pastaria, is my personal favorite. The fresh pasta and gelato take me back to my travels in Italy. Yum!

Enjoy the arts – St. Louis offers a vibrant arts scene encompassing theatre, dance and music.  Broadway comes to St. Louis by means of the Fabulous Fox Theatre and this holiday season, why not catch the Moscow Ballet’s performance of the Nutcracker at the Peabody Opera House?  For live music junkies our various venues feature artists ranging from Michael Buble to Beyonce. 

St. Louis has a lot to offer. Even Forbes Magazine recognizes it as a great place to live and raise a family and the happiest city for job-seeking college grads. St. Louis has been my home of 10 years. My advice is to begin the transition with the end goal in mind. If you want to like, even love, your new city, then dive right in and find what makes this place home for you. If you want to find out more, visit

Express Scripts is proud to call St. Louis home.  If you’re considering a move here, feel free to InMail me via LinkedIn with any questions, I would be happy to help.

And if all else fails and you’re feeling homesick, here’s my prescription playlist:

  1. No Rain, Blind Melon
  2. Here Comes the Sun, the Beatles
  3. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles), The Proclaimers
  4. On Top of The World, Imagine Dragons
  5. The Middle, Jimmy Eat World


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Have you thanked your Pharmacist?

October 9, 2013 | Allison Dietz

“So you’re a Pharmacist, right?” is a question I‘m often asked. It’s no wonder, since Pharmacist is in my job title. I am afraid, though, I cannot claim to be one. I often joke that I could play one on TV – Just need that spiffy white coat.

My role as Express Scripts’ Pharmacist Acquisition Specialist provides me the opportunity to recruit for a variety of Pharmacist roles. There are over 2,600 Pharmacists at Express Scripts and the average tenure of our Pharmacists is more than 7 years with the company.  I am very proud of the work that our Pharmacists do. Whether it is counseling patients, checking the accuracy of a prescription, educating a physician on our cost-saving programs or securing a new client, our Pharmacists are providing better health solutions for our members. They are our medication experts and the backbone of our company.

Pharmacists have the opportunity to expand their clinical and non-clinical skills at Express Scripts. There are multiple career paths one can take, which is the beauty of working in a managed-care setting. You will find a Pharmacist in every level of our organization, and new positions for RPhs are created frequently. We even have attorneys in our legal department who are also licensed pharmacists.

Pharmacists often come to work for us because of the benefits we offer. Tuition assistance has allowed many Pharmacists to go back to school and earn an MBA. This year alone, six RPhs graduated from the Express MBA program at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Candidates are also drawn to our company because of the flexible work options we offer, including more than 800 virtual or work-at-home Pharmacist positions.

I may not be a Pharmacist, but I but I have a strong appreciation for the work they do. In fact, October is American Pharmacist month. Make sure to thank your Pharmacist (I know I will) because, at Express Scripts, they are working to lower costs while shaping the future of healthcare.

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How to Become a Social Media Brand Ambassador

September 4, 2013 | Chris Reed

Social Media is omnipresent. Most of us communicate regularly with our networks via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many other sites. Social Media is a great way to keep in touch with those we know as well as make new contacts. While it may initially have been just a way to connect with friends and family on topics of interest, in recent years, that has changed. Now social media is big business – and businesses, large and small, are increasing their social engagement. Most companies have a social media “brand” and pay a great deal of attention to their online presence. You can help with this by using social media to be a brand ambassador for your company.

Be LinkedIn to your Company
Take LinkedIn for instance – It is no longer just a place to post a resume and rarely revisit. It has gone far beyond being a site that candidates only use when job hunting. Most companies, like Express Scripts, have a strong brand page on LinkedIn that offers information on their products and services, a corporate overview and updates on company news and events in addition to job posts. Follow your company’s page, “like” the posts and share the updates with your network on LinkedIn and Twitter. Not only are you positively promoting your employer, but you are staying visible to those who are connected to you. This can be a very powerful engine for your personal and company brand.

Right message, Right audience
Express Scripts has both a corporate Twitter handle and a career-focused handle (@ExpressScripts and @ExpressRxJobs, respectively). Similarly, individuals can have more than one handle for different audiences. If you tweet a lot of personal information or content, it might be a good idea to have separate handles for your professional and personal networks. After all, information may not be suitable for all audiences.

The information you share on sites like Twitter or LinkedIn reflects how people perceive you and your current or future employer. Remember, many companies have social media policies in place, so you should be familiar with and follow your company’s policy. Make sure your information is accurate, up-to-date, relevant and appropriate. At Express Scripts, our employees are our strongest and best ambassadors. By following a few simple tips, you can improve your social engagement and evolve into a social media ambassador.

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Intern to Preceptor in Five Years

August 19, 2013 | Harold Carter

It’s hard to believe, but five years ago, I was a pharmacy student applying for an internship at Express Scripts. Today, I’m a Senior Clinical Consultant and the preceptor for the newest crop of pharmacist externs to come through the doors at the company headquarters in St. Louis.

After my internships, I kept in touch with contacts I made within the company, checking periodically for any open full-time positions after graduation.

A few years later, I interviewed for a position as a clinical product manager. My interview must have gone well because I was called back for a second interview. I got the offer later that day. I was elated!

The reason I was so excited about the opportunity was because I could see the difference in talent development between Express Scripts and other pharmacy practice settings.

At Express Scripts, the opportunities for pharmacists are endless. Your day could entail talking to patients, filling prescriptions, working with clients, developing solutions to new problems…the list goes on.

Working here gives you a chance to think outside of the box when solving complex problems. I also like how the company helps its employees develop as professionals, allowing you to become a better employee and a better person, really.

It was slightly surreal when I entered my current position as a senior clinical consultant, because, almost simultaneously, I became a preceptor for Express Scripts’ newest pharmacist externs.  Five years after I first walked through the door, I’m overseeing students in the same position I first occupied.

This new development was exciting, but to be honest, I was a little nervous when my first students arrived on June 21. The reason for my nerves was the same one that drives me to succeed as a preceptor today: I want to give the incoming students my best and show them what our company has to offer.

-Guest Blogger Harold Carter is a Senior Clinical Consultantat Express Scripts, with expertise in Specialty Utilization Management. A full time employee for two years, Harold enjoys running, spending time with family and watching football.

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Our Duty to Hire Veterans

June 6, 2013 | Aaron Jones

I am not a veteran, but have several friends and family members who have served in the military. I feel grateful to those who serve in our armed forces and are willing to make the greatest sacrifices to protect our freedom. At Express Scripts, we consider it part of our mission to help veterans find successful civilian careers. I personally believe strongly in what Michelle Obama has called the challenge to companies to be ’Bold in Finding Ways to Hire Veterans.’

As part of our commitment to veterans, Express Scripts has implemented a national military talent attraction program to help connect more service members to jobs at Express Scripts.  The Talent Acquisition department reaches out nationwide through various recruitment channels, including military specific job fairs, strategic partnerships, and targeted advertising.

The unemployment rate for veterans continues to remain high, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Veterans who left the military post September 11, 2011 face an unemployment rate of 9.2 percent, higher than the national average.  With the economy still in recovery mode, many military heroes are struggling to find work, let alone a career.

This is unfortunate because so many veterans have great skill sets to offer the civilian workforce. They are often highly educated, have a very strong work ethic, are disciplined, have proven leadership, and thrive as team-players. However, one of the common issues I notice when attending military events such as job fairs or networking events is that veterans have trouble translating their military experience to a civilian role. Civilian recruiters can find it difficult to decipher what some of the acronyms and military terms mean for the job function for which they are interviewing candidates. If there is one suggestion I would make to veterans looking for civilian positions, it is to get help creating a resume. There are many tools available to veterans for this purpose, including the Show-Me Heroes program, an initiative led by Missouri Governor, Jay Nixon. Some veterans have never interviewed for a civilian job. There are many websites out there that can help to prepare, such as They recently published an article, “How to Answer 7 of the Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions.”

One thing to keep in mind is that almost every recruiter will ask you behavior-based interview questions. At Express Scripts, for example, we look for our core values of integrity, mutual respect, collaboration, alignment, service and passion.  A simple Google search should give you plenty of examples that you can use to practice–and it is imperative that you practice! It will help you portray confidence.  There is no way to predict what can happen in an interview, but by following these suggestions you will feel less anxious and best present yourself to a civilian recruiter, just as you have done in the military.

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