Why I Returned for Internship Round Two

August 4, 2017 | Express Scripts

Mary Kate is an intern in the Financial Planning & Analysis department currently working to create an Integration Playbook for the Finance organization.

Two years ago, with my senior year at Duquesne University quickly approaching, I decided to add some industry experience to my resume and began searching for my very first summer internship. Hoping to return home to St. Louis for the summer, I discovered lots of great finance and accounting opportunities in the area.

After many hours of research, I was most fascinated with an extremely large company that I had never heard of: Express Scripts. A recruiter from the company reached out to me, and I  spoke with a few members of the Internal Audit team before being offering an internship position for the summer of 2016. I was very excited to accept the offer, but also slightly intimidated because this was my first dive into a corporate environment.

Learning my role as an internal audit intern

From day one it was apparent that the company as a whole, as well as the Internal Audit department, and internship program, were highly engaging and fast paced. The projects I worked on never ceased to amaze me.

On a regular basis I had the opportunity to work directly with senior leaders on projects that actually contributed to the company’s success. No two days or weeks were ever the same. One week I performed actual analytic detail testing that directly fed into the workflow of audits. The next allowed me a glimpse into several audits at various stages in their life cycle, and the ability to participate in meetings with process owners to learn how their departments functioned. From there, I got to try my hand at assisting management with compliance audits. Never once was I given “busy work”.

The impact of my summer internship

When the summer was over and my internship wrapped up, I returned to Duquesne ready to start my senior year. In talking with my business school professors and peers about my internship experience and all the relevant projects I worked on, I realized how unique my time at Express Scripts was. Few other students were given the opportunity to hear from senior staff on a weekly basis – which helped me garner a sense of involvement across the entity- or participate in intern-wide volunteer and social events, which provided a great way to connect with interns outside the office. I couldn’t help but feel lucky for the time I spent interning at Express Scripts and the knowledge I left with. It was clear that I had grasped a better understanding of the finance and accounting industries and I was able to gain a real understanding in my courses.

Returning with a new perspective

As my senior year progressed and I began looking into full-time opportunities post-graduation, I just couldn’t shake Express Scripts from my head. Reflecting on the values of the company and my phenomenal experience from the past summer, I made the decision to return for my second internship – this time in a different role. I was excited to build upon my skills gained in Internal Audit, and continue the relentless hunt to understand the Finance organization.

This summer, I’m working as an intern in the Financial Planning & Analysis department.  My main project these past twelve weeks has been developing a Finance integration playbook that could be used for  future projects.  During this time, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with several high-power decision makers in the Finance department and draw upon their experiences to influence future companywide initiatives.

By accepting a new role, I gained a fresh perspective and had the ability to continue my professional development and overall understanding of Finance operations. While I’m thankful for this company for many reasons, I most appreciate leadership’s ability to continuously create an intern culture where even those who return for round two are never let down and learn something new every day.

In fact, I’m blessed to announce that I will be returning for round 3 in a few short weeks, this time as a full time employee.

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An Intern’s Perspective: 3 Takeaways from a Discussion with the CEO

July 27, 2017 | Express Scripts

Josh is an intern on the Quality Assurance Mobile Development team at Express Scripts.

While I’ve only interned at Express Scripts for about two months, I’ve noticed there’s no shortage of information to absorb. From meetings and conferences, to our speaker series, I’m trying my best to take it all in. So when I heard that Tim Wentworth, the CEO of Express Scripts, was hosting a discussion during the Intern Executive Speaker Series, I knew I had to attend. In fact, I brought an extra pen just to make sure I didn’t miss anything he said.

When the CEO of the company speaks, you expect there to be a formal vibe in the room, but with Tim, that wasn’t the case. It was relaxed and open. It was more of a conversation than a presentation. This was different, but in a good way. It was true to who Tim Wentworth is and the message he was sharing.

Tim shared how he got to his current position as CEO – touching on his professional as well as his personal life. While he gave lots of advice for career success, a few ideas stuck with me:

Don’t only go TO the goal line, go THROUGH it.

Tim showed us a video from Super Bowl XXVII – Bills vs. Cowboys. You may have seen the clip: Leon Lett recovers a fumble, is rumbling to the end zone to further pad an already insurmountable lead, and then, out of nowhere, here comes Don Beebe from behind to knock the football out of Lett’s hands.

Tim’s takeaway was that most people miss the bigger lesson from the clip; most believe Lett’s celebrating too early led to the fumble. However, Tim’s point is that we shouldn’t run TO the goal line, but THROUGH it. Beebe could have given up and allowed Lett to score, but – despite knowing his chances were slim – he instead gave it his all to prevent another touchdown. Tim stressed that we should mirror this approach when it comes to our own goal setting. Always be ready to outhustle and outwork, no matter how the situation appears to be in the moment.

Treat the waiter or waitress better than the CEO.

I’ve always had great respect for people who can show true humility, and in one sentence, Tim showed his true colors. He lives by a simple idea: “Treat the waiter or waitress better than the CEO.” Everyone matters and respecting one another is an important life lesson to remember, no matter “how high on the totem pole” we are. He told us to always honor those in front of you, which is something I had always believed in. It’s nice to know the CEO of a Fortune 22 company believes that as well.

Choose the right ‘Cs’ in business.

Tim told us that in business, there are 4 main Cs: Cash, Content, Career Path and Culture. Many people don’t choose the right Cs – Career Path and Culture – and instead choose to focus on Cash and Content too soon. He said that, “where could this job lead me?” and “what is the culture of this company?” are two of the most important questions we should ask ourselves when choosing to accept a job. The work you’re doing and how much you’re paid to do it should be afterthoughts.

In closing, Tim challenged us to set goals for ourselves and aim to reach past them during our time here. He stressed that Express Scripts was created to help people and be a place where everyone is always ready to assist our patients or clients when they need it. It’s that philosophy and culture that matters most.

For anyone interested in an internship at Express Scripts, let me stress one thing. Here, you’ll be challenged to be a thought leader, and given the chance to solve real challenges in healthcare. Take in all the information you can and seize the opportunities during your time here, because, trust me, it’ll fly by.

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From Combat Medic to Recruiter

July 20, 2017 | Express Scripts

Juan R. is a recruiter supporting Operations working to hire nurses, eligibility specialists and patient service coordinators.

When people find out I’m a recruiter they usually ask me why I chose that field. My answer is simple: I didn’t choose recruiting, recruiting chose me. However, my path to this career looks a little different than most.

When I was in the Army I had more than enough leadership roles, but I needed something extra that would make me stand out from my peers to get promoted to Sergeant First Class.  To help with this, I submitted Special Assignment applications for opportunities that challenge soldiers to work in roles outside of the “normal” military career.  I applied for drill sergeant, medical trainer and recruiter positions. During the recruiter interview they found that my time spent in medical field operations and trauma treatment aligned well to work as a medical recruiter, and I was selected for the position by the United States Army Recruiting Command.

I was in the medical recruiter role for less than a year before being asked to transition to recruiting full time as Center Commander. I accepted the opportunity and moved to Milwaukee to take over the Army recruiting center there. Under my direction and willingness to try new ways of gaining access to medical professionals and students – everyone knew my mantra was “new smile, new style, new perfume, new cologne, let’s try it!”—the center went from last place to the number one small center in the 3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion and the number 3 center overall out of 16.  My recruiters also earned Top Recruiter Awards in a number of different categories.

From Milwaukee, I was then chosen to come to St. Louis and run the Army recruiting center there.  I did that for a few years, retired from the Army, and then started my civilian career as a recruiter at UBC, an Express Scripts subsidiary. Currently, I’ve been here for a little over a year, supporting Operations with a focus on hiring registered nurses, eligibility specialists and patient service coordinators.

For some, transitioning from a military to a civilian career can be tough. In the military, there’s a comradery among your fellow service members and when you get into the working world, sometimes a piece of that is missing. At Express Scripts, I still get that comradery. During my first week, a coworker introduced me to our Employee Resource Group, VaLOR, which works to increase the awareness and inclusion of veterans across the organization.

Currently, I act as VaLOR’s Community Outreach Chair. My position within VaLOR, as well as my role as a recruiter, allows me to do two things that are very near and dear to my heart: advocate for veterans and mentor military service members that are in transition. Whether I’m working with the Diversity and Inclusion team to participate in military career fairs, working with veterans at Scott Airforce Base to help them transition to professional roles, or supporting Honor Flights with VaLOR, I get to pursue my passion.

My favorite activity to participate in with VaLOR is Honor Flights. The organization’s mission is awesome – and I love that fact that eventually, their work will affect every veteran who has served. It also gives Express Scripts employees outside of our St. Louis headquarters the opportunity to participate by volunteering to hold flags and welcome the veterans “home” as they get off their planes in airports across the country.

One Honor Flight that sticks out in my mind was from a few months back when the participants were surprised with greeters welcoming them back “home.” There was a Marine veteran in a wheelchair and when he saw all of us waiting to greet him, he told his guardian to stop, he stood up and walked the rest way to shake people’s hands. I can’t even begin to explain how powerful that moment was.

While I can’t deny that a lot of companies out there have great slogans, they sometimes fail to back it up. At Express Scripts, when our CEO, Tim Wentworth, says “be who you are,” it’s not just words – it’s our actual culture from the ground up. Every day, I feel the full support of senior leadership in helping veterans, and it makes me proud to work for an organization that understands the need to care for and mentor our military service members, and our veterans. The mission of Express Scripts was what originally attracted me to work here, but it’s the culture and work I get to do supporting my passion that keeps me coming back.

Interested in transitioning to a civilian career at Express Scripts? Check out our career site for a list of open positions that fit your experience.

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My Journey to Becoming a Tech Junkie

July 19, 2017 | Express Scripts

Moses is a Software Development Engineer on the PBM Benefits and Enrollment team, working to use Agile methodology and cutting edge technologies to transform our product offerings.

As early as I can remember, my parents stressed the importance of working within a “professional” field where I could thrive. That’s exactly what I set out to do at the University at Buffalo as a pre-dental student, where I was asked to memorize and understand concepts I couldn’t even pronounce. From there, I moved to pre-law, but felt I was only going into this field to be viewed as successful by my parent’s definition.

Eventually, I sat back and reflected on what I enjoyed, which quite honestly, was tinkering with gadgets and trying to figure out how things worked. I enjoyed removing the magic from technology and realized that in of itself is the definition of computer science and engineering.

Finding My Fit

After graduating from the University at Buffalo with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, I received my masters from Columbia and spent the first eight years of my career at IBM as a developer and team leader.

Now at Express Scripts, my primary role is to design, enhance, and collaborate with internal business partners to help build better products for our customers. To accomplish this, I try to draw on my previous experience and look for innovative, industry proven ways to solve problems.  I like to think of this process like playing with Legos. I start by creating a great building block and then continue by combining new ideas piece by piece until it turns into something amazing.

Recently, I was pulled in to assist with a user interface known as the Care Value Product Engine. My task was to normalize different data sets and determine what was actually needed to build a front end query engine. This project was fascinating for me not only because I was given the opportunity to utilize an entirely new technology stack, but I was able to see if my solution brought immediate value to our customers.

The Importance of Continual Development

While I’ve only been at Express Scripts a few months, I can really see the company’s commitment to improve and empower itself through the use of technology– one of the primary reasons I wanted to work here. The very idea of putting technology to work in the healthcare industry to help solve real-world problems is both exciting and noble.

There’s a real push from a company standpoint to better ourselves from top to bottom, everything from the development methodologies we’re using to the existing technology stack. No process, application or idea is set in stone – everything is up for discussion and potential improvement. We aren’t just relying on what we’ve always done, but instead are pushing the envelope, which is critical as an engineer.

If I had to offer one piece of advice to someone just starting out or transitioning to the technology field, it would be to continually work toward developing your skills and creating a sharper and more talented version of yourself. And, once you’ve been in the field for a while, I think it’s important to be the mentor you needed when you first started out by helping those more junior in their careers.

While it took a little longer than some to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up, I couldn’t be more thankful to have ended up where I am today. My pre-dental and law days are a distant memory; I’m a full-fledged technology junkie through and through.

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Onboarding Interns: The Intern Summit

July 13, 2017 | Express Scripts

Alissa is an intern on the HR Communications team focusing on employment branding and candidate experience.  

The fall semester marks the beginning of college students’ search for summer internships. Like many others, I started by looking at job postings on LinkedIn. I wanted to intern for a company that made a difference and would allow me to improve my skills, as well as learn new ones. I came across an HR position at Express Scripts. At first I didn’t think much of it; I’m a marketing major with little knowledge about the HR or the healthcare field. But after reading the description I realized that my previous experiences went hand-in-hand with the job requirements. I accepted the internship hoping to finally figure out what I wanted to do post-graduation and be a part of the difference the company makes.

To kick things off, the intern program started with a three-day “Intern Summit” held at the St. Louis Headquarters campus. Express Scripts interns from all over the country came together for the joint onboarding session. Activities over the three days included campus tours, training and development sessions, executive speakers, networking events and more. Everything learned at the summit set us up to be successful for the following 12 weeks of the program.

Day One Activities

Day one started off with a tour of the Technology & Innovation Center. Upon first glance, I realized I underestimated just how technologically advanced the company was. We learned that the technology utilized saves our clients millions of dollars and that the pharmacy has a 99.99% accuracy dispensing rate. Yes, you’re reading that correctly, 99.99%!

Next stop was the Research & New Solutions Lab. Here, we had the opportunity to learn how the lab and teams develop new solutions to fit our client’s needs. I was impressed with how much collaborative effort happened between departments.

We finished the day with a social/networking event at the City Museum – my personal favorite summit activity. All of the interns, along with their managers, mentors and the talent acquisition team got to enjoy the opportunity to network and get to know one another on a personal level in a relaxed environment.

Executive Speakers

Over the course of the three-day summit, we had the opportunity to hear from various leaders, including several members of our executive team. Tim Wentworth even stopped by for a few minutes! How cool is it that the CEO took time out of his day to speak to the onboarding interns? During his chat, he encouraged us to always ask questions and be all in for our patients, clients and each other.

Every speaker did an excellent job of informing us more about the operations of the company and the importance of collaboration.

Growth & Development

If I’m being totally honest, I was a little worried that the training sessions could be boring. To my surprise, I really enjoyed them.  We had the opportunity to participate in both an Ideation Session and the Franklin Covey Training on 5 Choices.

The Ideation Session taught us how to find new ways to think innovatively both in and out of the office.  Franklin Covey training on 5 Choices focused on teaching us time management and productivity skills. It was impressive that we, as interns, had the opportunity to experience the same training as employees.

The Intern Summit furthered my excitement to work at Express Scripts during the weeks ahead. Now, I have a thorough understanding of how my work will make a difference in my department and for the company. I aspire to work here full time post-graduation to continue making a difference. I’m ready to make an impact on something bigger than myself and find new ways to grow both personally and professionally. I believe myself and the other interns will do just that this summer.

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