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Paying It Back to My Military Family

October 9, 2018 | Express Scripts

Juan R., pictured here teaching Bahrain Army, is a Sr. Recruiter on the Corporate Team, supporting Sales and Account Management, Marketing, and Legal.

I’ve lived all my life with the military around me in some way. My grandfather served in the Army, my uncle retired from the Air Force and my stepdad — the man I called my father — retired from the Army. I also retired from the Army after serving 23 years, spending 16 years as a Combat Medic and seven as a Center Commander and Recruiter for Healthcare Professionals.

My father always told me, “When you retire, pay it back.” I do this whenever I can by mentoring and helping my brothers and sisters in arms– even if it involves spending a Sunday afternoon volunteering outside in 90-degree St. Louis heat.

In August, St. Louis hosted the PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) Secretary’s Cup, which introduces golf to Veterans with disabilities, with the goal of enhancing their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. The Secretary’s Cup is a gold tournament that matches veterans with PGA professionals.

When I heard Express Scripts was the exclusive sponsor for the event, I quickly volunteered.

Golf is a great game for veterans because of the many parallels between the sport and what they’re going through. Golf is a game of struggle; you have to train and practice many skills to be successful. It builds self-confidence, self-discipline, self-esteem, awareness, teamwork and communication skills.

Veteran players were from various branches of the military, which – I’m not going to lie – contributed to a little branch-to-branch trash talking and a lot of laughs. We all talked freely with people who understood where we came from, where we had been and what we had been though.

During the event, I was assigned to support Team NJ, which stood for Team New Jersey. I helped the team where I could by holding flags, watching where balls went and doing anything else they needed. My team and I became instant comrades with a special bond. And to cap off the day, Team NJ won!

It was a special day for me and one of my proudest moments as an Express Scripts employee. I was grateful to be part of another network that can reach more veterans, and it was thanks in part to Express Scripts sponsoring this event. I want to also send a special thank you to my Express Scripts peers who volunteered that day. Words cannot express how proud I was to be part of a company that is investing in my military family.

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Juan R. retired from the Army after serving 23 years, spending 16 years as a Combat Medic and seven as a Center Commander and Recruiter for Healthcare Professionals. 


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