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Recognition for How We Recognize One Another

November 15, 2017 | Express Scripts

Recently, our team was honored with a WorkHappier Award for our employee engagement and recognition program, Recognition Rx.

BI Worldwide (BIW) hosted the WorkHappier awards, which publicly recognize exceptional commitment to employee engagement and recognition. BIW nominated more than 90 companies, and we were selected as one of 15 finalists. Ultimately, we were honored with a WorkHappier Award in the Awesome Outcome category, which specifically honors companies with employee engagement programs that are proven to be effective as evidenced by quantifiable metrics.

Over the past year, overall recognition through Recognition Rx has experienced a 92% increase, and peer-to-peer recognition has nearly doubled.

Recognition RX, which was implemented in 2010, allows employees to recognize each other by sending a Thank You or Celebrate You e-card, submitting a ‘Spotlight’ recognition for a job well done (which includes Award Points), or nominating a colleague for Employee of the Quarter.  Since recognizing someone doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach, we also developed approximately 200 custom departmental recognition programs to ensure our employees feel motivated and engaged in meeting their departmental goals in a fun and positive way.

Part of Recognition Rx’s success has to do with new ways employees have been able to share recognition. Launch of a new mobile app in 2016 made the platform more accessible and allowed the ability to host contests with prizes to reward our employees for using the system. Additionally, in 2017 we implemented ‘Thank You Thursdays,’ which fall on the third Thursday of every month, and is set aside as a day to appreciate colleagues for the great work they do, their passion and commitment.

Our Senior Director of Compensation, Jane Loe, who accepted the award on our behalf, believes that, “More than ever, expressing appreciation is part of who we are and how we work together ― making us a stronger organization and a happier workplace.”

While Recognition Rx has seen tremendous success since its launch, our Total Rewards team is hard at work to keep the program momentum going and develop new and exciting ways to recognize and say ‘thank you’ to one another.

Sound like a workplace you’d like to be part of? Learn more and visit our career site for a full list of our open jobs.

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2 thoughts on “Recognition for How We Recognize One Another

  1. Clyde Haavisto

    Great accomplishment! I have certainly seen and experienced the change in how we use the program. I also believe we are seeing the results in our engagement.


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