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Spotlight on Site: An Update on Austin 365(ish) Days Later

January 31, 2018 | Express Scripts

Since opening our Austin office in October 2016 (more information on that, here), the site has flourished – adding more than 60 new team members working in user experience, web development, and more. To get an update on what’s going on in Austin, we sat down with Igor Krasnykh, Austin site leader and director of UX and web development strategy. Igor shared his thoughts on the office evolution and what’s on the horizon at the Austin site.  

Here’s what he had to say:

How has office culture evolved since its opening?

It’s no secret that as an office or a company continues to grow, the ability to maintain an amazing culture becomes more and more challenging. The entire team has embraced this challenge. We not only focus on working hard and having fun every day, but also organizing ways to give back to our community. We believe doing good deeds for others and the community is a good way to strengthen our culture and continue to build morale. As an example, our office has participated in numerous Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in the community and volunteered at local homeless shelters.

What “big wins”/projects has your office had a critical role in completing?

One of our biggest wins was the launch of InsideRx, a new, partially owned subsidiary of Express Scripts, that leverages our unique position in the market to deliver pharmacy savings for patients in need. It was a true cross-functional effort; starting from the claims process and verification of eligibility, to setting up and building various business portals, conducting usability studies, adopting the new design language for the brand, and building a new marketing website. Not all participating teams were based at the Austin office location, but we conquered it as a team.

When we first spoke, you talked about how the office has a ping pong table and the ability to play video games when employees need to reset their minds. Has there been any recent “perks” added to the office?

So far, table tennis and video game consoles have been a big hit. We’ve also been able to add to the “fun factor” by adding giant JINGA, a foosball table, nerf guns, and some lightsabers for our Star Wars room.

Our goal for adding these “perks” is to create an environment where people don’t just clock in, clock out, and go home. Instead, we want to create an environment for employees to feel comfortable and challenged to not only do great work but also be able to recharge when they need a break.

What is your vision for the office in years to come?

Austin continues to grow at a rapid pace and the job market follows that growth. First and foremost, we are looking forward to building a stronger presence at this location in the years to come. Second, we continue to get feedback from candidates who all say our working environment is very rare for the corporate world. I foresee us maintaining the same culture as our numbers continue to grow.

Does the office host any events for candidates to engage with or get to know the team?

Yes, we’ve hosted a few recruiting events this year. We participated in a job fair at the University of Texas and we had a booth at the SXSW conference in Austin. We also visited the Turing School of Software and Design and co-hosted an event to let the general public try their hand at coding for a day.

Currently, we are piloting an employee job shadowing program. This allows candidates to come to the office, spend a day with our team, and experience our culture and working environment before joining the organization.

What are your hiring goals for the next few years?

We have over twenty positions available today, ranging from leadership positions to roles within UX research. We anticipate more openings later in the year and ongoing, as we continue to build a stronger presence in Austin. So, if you just stumbled upon this article, or have been debating whether or not to apply, come visit us. We would love to talk to you and show you firsthand what it would be like to working as part of a great team with a winning culture.

Interested in learning more about the Austin office? Check out a list of open positions on our career site!

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