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The Intern Files: How an Express Scripts Intern Made the Leap to a Full-Time Role

July 11, 2018 | Express Scripts

Ola A. started with Express Scripts as an intern and recently transitioned into a full-time role as a senior manager of business analysis and planning, working on initiatives that ensure we are effectively communicating with our members.

Finding My Way

My road to healthcare in the United States was long and winding. I studied electronic and electrical engineering as an undergrad in Nigeria, after which I earned a master’s degree in telecommunications technology in the UK. After a 9-year stint designing and deploying telecommunication networks around the world – including work on all five inhabited continents – I decided to pursue an MBA in the United States. I had observed a number of everyday problems during my work, like 5-hour traffic jams in Nigeria and the healthcare delivery system in the US, and I realized I could use an MBA to tackle these problems. During my studies, this passion to solve everyday problems led me to start looking for internship opportunities in the healthcare sector.

During my internship search, I went to The Consortium Conference in St. Louis, where I attended a breakfast event hosted by Express Scripts. I initially was impressed not only by Express Scripts’ mission of making medicine more affordable but also how profoundly it impacted the lives of millions of people. After The Consortium, I was invited back to St. Louis to visit Express Scripts’ campus, where CEO Tim Wentworth spoke to us about deciding where you want to work and what criteria to use for making this decision. I found his advice to be extremely helpful and was excited to see how invested top executives were in the internship program. Even after leaving the conference, executives remained involved in the program.

Becoming an Intern

After receiving my internship offer in June 2016, I ultimately decided to accept the following December because of the opportunity to learn more about the healthcare sector and the company culture. I appreciated the friendly, relaxed atmosphere I observed during the interview process and was put at ease by the fact that even members of the senior leadership team were more than happy to speak with me and answer any questions about the internship. I also valued the time I was given to make my decision about the program; being able to thoroughly weigh my options let me make the best decision for my career.

During my time as a strategy and transformation MBA intern, I was empowered to take full responsibility for my projects from start to finish. My biggest project was figuring out how to increase the number of members that utilize our mobile platform in order to ensure we are communicating in the most efficient and effective fashion. I was given complete independence to design a solution. My supervisor supported me, but also encouraged me to take initiative and own my work. I was also given autonomy to bridge multiple teams working on the same projects, which gave me an opportunity to network and act as a broker even as an intern.

Advancing My Career

I appreciated the level of responsibility I was able to take on during my internship and was excited to be offered a full-time position in August 2017. Accepting the offer was a no-brainer: the latitude I was given to work on real business problems, the customer-driven culture of the organization, and the work I was doing and the emphasis on equality of opportunity at Express Scripts made it easy to say yes.

Currently, I’m working as a senior manager of business analysis and planning, tasked with ensuring we communicate with our members the way they want to be communicated with. I’m happy to report that a culture of empowerment, support, initiative, drive, and ambition has remained prevalent in my department and I look forward to continuing to develop as a team member and leader.

Interested in learning what a career or internship at Express Scripts could look like for you? Check out our career site for a full list of open positions.

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One thought on “The Intern Files: How an Express Scripts Intern Made the Leap to a Full-Time Role

  1. Vidya L

    After a 9-year of designing and deploying telecommunication networks, you started as an intern at express scripts? unbelievable and unthinkable. You did a career move that no one takes. I am humbled by your determination and paid off. Best wishes.


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