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There’s No Place Like Home: Serving Patients in the Home Setting

February 14, 2019 | Express Scripts

Jeanne E. is a home infusion nurse at Accredo, an Express Scripts subsidiary, tasked with providing critical care to patients in a home setting. In her free time, Jeanne loves to travel with her husband, hike, garden, sail, and enjoy her home state – which she refers to as “colorful Colorado.”

Over the past 7 years, I’ve worn several different hats within the nursing field and gained experience in everything from medical-surgical nursing to working in the NICU to managing a rheumatology infusion clinic. However, it was a job posting on Indeed that caught my eye a few years back and led me to my current role – a home infusion nurse at Accredo, an Express Scripts subsidiary.

As a home infusion nurse, I administer infusions in a one-on-one setting for patients that have rare conditions. Most of which, have diseases of the immune system. Since my background has mostly been in obstetrics and rheumatology, it was a learning curve to fully comprehend unusual diagnoses and treatments. However, I’ve been able to draw on my previous caregiving experiences and apply them to care for patients I see now.

I think what most people find surprising about my role – other than that I administer treatments at patients’ home – is how lengthy and frequent the home infusion process can be. One of my patients requires infusions that last 8 hours and are administered four days every month. Providing this service in the home setting is much more comfortable for him and more efficient than having it administered at a clinic. Accredo’s portable pumps and carrying bags allow patients mobility and the freedom to move around comfortably in their home.

While I was first attracted to employment at Accredo because of the flexibility this role allowed and the generous amount of benefits (currently I’m studying for certification in intravenous immune globulin [IVIG] therapy thanks to their tuition and reimbursement program), I keep coming back because of the bonds I form with my patients and the important work I do every day.    

Interested in furthering your nursing career with an opportunity at Express Scripts? Check out our career site for a full list of open nursing positions.

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