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Why I Came Back to Express Scripts

October 3, 2016 | Express Scripts

Colleagues often ask me—so, why did you come back to Express Scripts? And, my response is simple — there is amazing work going on here. I originally joined the company in 2010 and after four years, I left Express Scripts to explore other opportunities. My reasons for leaving were hard to measure, but it was a career move I needed to make. In the end, it turned out to not only be beneficial for my career, but strengthened my perspective and the passion I ultimately have for the company.

The Right Model in Place

In my limited time away, I found myself comparing other companies to Express Scripts. We have cutting edge processes, systems, technology and ways of thinking. In my mind, there’s no greater example of that than our HR organization. How we operate today is best in class. If you want to work in HR, this is the place to be. As an HR Business Partner, our collaborative model allows you to draw on the expertise of your peers and you are better positioned to support the changing needs of the business. Working as one cohesive HR unit dials up our level of expertise and allows us to bring comprehensive solutions to the business.

The Work and the People Matter

Being a part of smaller organizations helped me to really understand the components necessary for me to have the ideal work environment.   At Express Scripts, we have a great team of people to collaborate, learn from and laugh with, which is so important!  We also have an entrepreneurial spirit that drives us to go after what is new and innovative and the employees I work with are resilient – I think this is a defining characteristic of our culture. This organization has the ability to change gears and continue to make leaps forward in the direction that ultimately puts our clients and patients first.

One of the interesting aspects of my experience has been realizing the personal brand I have developed. When talking with a colleague after I returned, he referred to the act of someone leaving and returning to the company as “pulling a Kortney Morton.” I laughed at the thought, but later realized that interactions like that is part of the reason I came back – working with people who care for each other and enjoy the work they do for our patients and our industry. Someone would only pull a “Kortney Morton” if they couldn’t stay away from a passionate company that does great things every day.

Kortney is a Sr. Director at Express Scripts, supporting Sales and Account Management, and Clinical Research and New Solutions.

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6 thoughts on “Why I Came Back to Express Scripts

  1. Jeanetta Wafford

    Hello,I was reading your story, and just wanted to ask about your thoughts on relocating? It’s something I’ve considered, but fear normally try to set in.

    1. Kortney Morton

      Hi Jeanetta, thanks for the note. I’ve been fortunate to have opportunities that I was very drawn to in my hometown of St. Louis, so relocation hasn’t been something I have had to seriously consider, but I think every situation is unique. You have to decide what makes most sense for you, your career, and your individual situation. Here is a good article about things to consider before relocating. Best of luck! http://www.businessinsider.com/questions-to-ask-yourself-before-you-relocate-for-a-job-2015-7


  2. Helen Tipton

    Well, I guess I pulled a Kortney Morgan, too!! Interesting how your story and my own match, except that I was seeking to return about 6 months after my original departure. I am happy that the openings available at that time did not match my employment needs as I met some great folks and learned a lot at my other position, but kept my eye open for opportunities back “home”. My employment needs recently changed so I could take a temp position within the company and was thrilled to get back to the culture driven by caring for our patients and clients in the best way possible. I will be looking to convert into a permanent role so I won’t have to leave and try to achive pulling a Kortney Morgan in the future.

    Glad you made it back home!

    1. Kortney Morton

      Hi Helen – Love your similar story, thanks for sharing! Glad to hear you made it “back home” as well. It’s team members like you who are passionate about our culture and caring for patients and clients that help Express Scripts make such a difference in peoples lives. Good luck with everything!


  3. Steve Lawson

    An excellent story…. thanks for sharing. These cultural attributes are what attract and retain good people. Good people who want to be part of something bigger than themselves with an opportunity to make a real difference in the live of others – partners, patients, customers, co-workers. Keep it up!


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